Feeding Bottle Series

Feeding Bottle Series

Safe and healthy, anti-flatulence, baby acceptance rate of 95%.
Adult Auxiliary Series

Adult Auxiliary Series

Safe materials, ergonomic design and high safety.
Baby Carriage & Cradle Series

Baby Carriage & Cradle Series

Continuous technological innovation, to provide high-quality intelligent infant car and cradle products for the baby.


Ergonomically designed,Careful design and manufacture. Klar offers more than just ancillary products, but also brings a safe, comfortable and happy life to your later years.

About Klar

The Origin of Klar

Krypton—Superman's Hometown

Klar is focused on improving the quality of life of mothers and infants and people with reduced mobility. Through research and development, sales of smarter, more humane life-assisted products and intelligent control systems, Superman is ubiquitous to help more mothers and children and people with reduced mobility. So that they can enjoy life more conveniently, freely and healthily.

Healthy, Environmentally Friendly, Safe and Durable Materials

The quality of the products is taken from the source of the materials. Klar's products are very strict in the selection of materials. They are healthy, environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, stable and durable.

Meets the Ergonomic Design

The company's brand attaches great importance to product design, from product design, structural design to functional design, strict control, pragmatic innovation, and strive to provide consumers with every product is unique and truly comfortable "perfect Design products".

Focus, more Professional

Klar focuses on the development of development and sales of baby bottles,baby carriage & cradle, and Adult Auxiliary products. The products are available in a variety of styles to provide products that meet the needs of different needs.

Product Intelligence

Klar has intelligent control system research and development intellectual property rights, intelligent auxiliary products, intelligent companion robot research and development has always been our important field of inquiry.
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